Fran does sessions over the phone, in person and via Skype by appointment only. If Fran is in your city and offering in person sessions you will have to book them in advance. Right now she has satellite offices in Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Orange County, New York with her main office in Missouri. You can call 816-974-8075 or 818-408-6570 to discuss availability for appointment dates.

Fran is very accurate, she has a very close relationship with God and she has ask that he use her life and gifts to help those who are seeking. She channels a group of Angelic Teachers from which she receives information. Fran also reads the energy and the vibration of the clients that she works with believing each person has there own unique blueprint and souls roadmap. The information she receives regarding events in your life are extremely accurate in some cases she is even able to give times. She was born with the gift and as she prays and practices many have said they have seen her gifts become stronger.

Pray, ask and get silent. Fran believes that if you ask it is given every time and we all have been assigned an Angel, as you need them more and invite them in they show up in amazing ways. Ask for their guidance, they will be delighted to give it to you.

When you have a session with Fran you will always get the information you seek, many people come to see her and never have to ask a question because spirit knows all. However the best way is to give your Angels permission to help you, no one can intervene on your free will. So simply ask them to help you, and allow your mind to be open to receive.

Yes she does, Fran has a very diverse spiritual background.

Fran’s gifts help you in your life journey but has found that her purpose assisting people with love, relationships, abundance, health and the grieving process.

Every since Fran could remember she could hear and see Angels. She always had an connection with them and always knew they were with her, so to honor the connection she name her company Angels with Fran.

No, Fran prays to God, she connects with the Angels as the messengers of God.

Fran has the gift of Spiritual Mediumship which is a gift she received after dealing with the death of her sister. If a loved ones energy is around you or has a message for you Fran will give you that information. Also Fran helps those who are grieving deal with the death of loved ones with her gift.