"Fran is an amazing Channel. The information she gives is completely wonderful, she is a true gift."

J. Adams, Canada

"I have the pleasure of working with Fran on my business and the information that came from the Angels was so clear. The charity that I was given helped me take my business to new levels. I was skeptic but I am not anymore. She is real!"

H. Thomas, California

"I went to see Fran after our daughter committed suicide, we had so many unanswered questions. She knew nothing about us, nothing about our family but the information that she gave me was so accurate. We received relief from the grief and was able to breath. I am forever grateful."

D. Montgermery, AZ

"If you can attend any of Fran’s classes, do it! She is a dynamic teacher who has a simple approach so you get it! She doesn’t teach over your head but to you! She is an great teacher!"

J. Lawson, Kansas City

"I went to have a session with Fran was I was at a point of needing real clarity and real insight, I heard about her from a friend who had seen her when they were at a very low, low point and I was at that place. Fran was able to give me insight that no one else could. She was able to tell me things there was no way she would know and she changed my life. I am so so thankful for her, she is truly anointed."

K. Logan, VA