How to Keep Balance in Your Home

There are steps you can take to keep you home as warm and inviting as it looks. Here’s how:   1. Open your windows: Yes even if it’s cold you should open your windows and allow fresh chi to come in. 2. Spiritually clean your home: Sage, incense and high vibrational sprays are a great way to create a higher frequency in your home. 3. Get some crystals: Crystals are not only beautiful they carry …

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The Power of the Full Moon

The Full Moon is on her way September 6, 2017, and it will be powered with cleansing energy. When I was a little girl I was taught about the cycles of the moon by my Nana.  The full moon is a great time for release and clearing things away, things in your life that no longer seem to fit. You see, each moon cycle brings with it powerful energetic vibrations to transform, restore and cleanse. …

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