Miracle Manifesting

Are you living by design or default?  Are you a conscious creator?  Do you know that once you align your mindset with your mouth life changes?  The power to deliberately create reality lies within the right use of imagination and mind combined with a surrendered faith in a Higher Power. Sometimes you have to surrender to life on life’s terms but you have the ability to connect to your Higher Power and experience wonderous miracles. …

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Bridging the Gap Ep 1

Hey Beautiful Ones! Here is the first episode in my show Bridging the Gap . Please let me know what you think:)  

The Power of Amethyst

  I love my amethyst, it’s one of my favorite stones. I started carrying it because of its ability to calm and soothe the mind. As a spiritual practitioner I believe it is important to stay grounded and protected when you are not only doing your work but when you are dealing with day to day life. Also because of the frequency it carries it works with well with my Angels. Many energy workers find …

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New Moon in Cancer 2018

    The Cancer new moon is a time for deep emotional liberation and new beginnings. This is a period of transformation and renewal. Cancer brings themes of mothering, motherhood, nurturing, our emotional body, our needs and our inner child. We can heal on our deepest levels. Cancer new moon will facilitate and give extra support to intentions dealing with: how we process emotionally emotional wellness. Healing connections with our mothers and the Divine Feminine …

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Laws of Manifestation

Release, Renew, Restore Many of us are looking to create your lives.  We want to manifest and we want to do it quickly. While there is nothing wrong with that, if you are trying to design your life without knowing the laws of manifestation, you are probably not seeing the results you would like.  We are  designed to want more.  A deeper connection with Spirit, more friends, more money, more status. But a lot of …

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Angel Number of the Week

    It’s Friday and here is your Angel Number of the week #9. For those of you who are not familiar with Angel communication one of the ways they speak to you is in numbers, a lot of us know about the 444, 111, 11;11 but they use so many other numbers. Seeing the number 9 represents everything spiritual, spiritual laws, spiritual awakenings and enlightenment. If you are seeing the number 9 a lot …

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