11:11 Powerful Day of Transformation

11:11 is a day of great power! This is a time to remove all things in your life that no longer serve your highest good, people, places and things. If you have been holding on to something that you know is no longer intone with your higher calling, or the next path on your journey let it go. With the New moon energies today, as well as it being a day of mastered number the 11, you have a greater chance of manifesting everything you truly want.


Be aware of who comes and goes in this period of time, there will be changes. It is also a great time to cleanse, clear and reset your chakras all of them.

Use this mediation to disconnect from anything that no longer feels good:


Sit comfortably, visual yourself being surround in the ray of white, gold and pink light. Take the light from your crown chakra to the very tips of your toes. Imagine all is well, that you are safe and surrounded by your Angels. Take a few deep breathes and with each exhale let go. Continue this process until you feel that you have release all that no longer serves.


Don’t second guess yourself, if your spirit is telling you that it is time to let go, release it and trust that God has got your back and there is so much better on the way.


Don’t forget your new moon intentions tonight, we are in the New Moon in Scorpio which means reinforce your power. This is a time of transformation. Be  clear, be ready, be thankful.


Mucho Love & Gratitude,




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