Wheres has August gone?

We are in the middle of August and there is lots of transformation energy in the air.  You may feel that you are getting to a point where you need to get things done and things have to be finished.  The reason for that is because right now the universe is carrying a very high vibration of transformational shifting of the soul.  There are awakenings happening. We are in a great place for Spiritual transformation, Spiritual awakening, and Spiritual growth.


Many people feel like there is more and they want to know what that more is and how to get to that place where they are hearing Spirit clearly and embracing that knowledge and wisdom.  The infinite wisdom from their higher consciousness. Now is a great time to start a meditation practice or a practice of sitting in the silence and going within and seeking wisdom from your Divine source, your higher consciousness, from God and your Angels.  All of these heavenly beings are ready to assist you in your soul shifts.  It is a great time to get very clear about what it is that you want in your life and what you truly desire. It is also a great time to practice the power of now — of just being grateful and appreciating where you are and being clear about where you want to be.  It is is a time to let go of all those things that may be not be serving your higher purpose or hindering your relationships.  Now is the time for transformation!!  This is a great time to set the wheels in motion for all of those things that you have called into your life, just by being appreciative of what is happening at this moment.


August is going to be a great time for transformation, and if you are ready, wonderful things will begin to happen that will propel you into the life you truly want!

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