5 Ways to Gain Deeper Clarity


Recently, I got a lot of questions about how someone can get closer to God and the Angels, how a person can hear clearer, how you can get clarity/answers to the questions that you really want to know. This is one of my favorite things to talk and teach about because having that closeness and experiencing the infinite wisdom that you receive when you allow your mind to connect with the mind of higher consciousness is truly a fascinating concept. It is one that a lot of people are now seeking especially with all the things that are going on in the world and even before now people have been really looking to tap into a deeper spiritual connection so that they can ground and get the answers and the wisdom that they need for themselves.

In learning how to do this you find you are more at peace, more content, and you become more conscious about the decisions  you make, the things that you do, the places that you go, and with whom/where you share your energy. As we all know vibrationally we are beings of energy and we  attract other energy and as we should be vibrating higher, we should be attracting frequencies that are vibrating on the same level but sometimes we have those days where we are vibrating a little lower and at that point we are opening ourselves up to different kinds of energy.   So today I am going to  give you five ways that you can connect and hear the voice of God and your Angels clearly to receive direction as well as insight on how to live your best life:

1)     The first thing I do in the morning, I go into a place of silence not so much of asking in prayer but in giving thanks for another day, thanks for that time and that space. Then I go into the silence.  I really asked my Angels and God what do I need to know today, what is it  I can do today to better serve and to get closer to the Spirit that is within me. I sit in silence, I may do that for 15 minutes, some people do it by meditating and others  just sit there, some people sit with their eyes closed and others  listen to meditative music, whatever you can do to just free your mind and release all  the thoughts that clutter your mind, do that.  Just let that go and spend time in the silence with God and your Angels, it is a perfect way to receive the  guidance  you need to help  throughout the day.

2)   The next thing  I do is journal. I always keep a journal in my prayer room, in my sacred space, because usually when you come out of meditation or you come out of the silence you  you may  receive a message for yourself or  someone else.  I always have my journal nearby that way I can write down anything that comes through . I do this so that I don’t forget,  a lot of times if you’re receiving a lot of information you may forget it throughout the day but I want to tell you  don’t  worry if you don’t want to journal or record it because what you need from Spirit always comes to you when you need it so if there is something  you truly forget but you know you’ve been told all you have to do is sit still they will bring it back to you in the appropriate time

3)  Then I  read a devotional, my Bible, or something motivational remember: that what you put in your mind eventually is going to come out of your mouth and what you think about is eventually going to show up in your life so if you read  something that gives you inspiration that is also going to bring you closer to the spirit of God  because you’re going to feel good and when you feel good you’re vibrating at a higher level, when you are vibrating at a higher level you are attracting the presence of  higher conscious thoughts and  you will be conscious of the choices and decisions that you make.

4)    I speak my intentions for the day. Sometimes I speak the things I want to happen for the whole week but for most of the time I tell God what I would like to see happen in my life that day. By laying your desires out before the universe it shows  you have faith that they are going to do the things that you’re asking for, because if you didn’t believe it why  would you be asking?  When you act in faith you open the door for your Angels  to move for you. What happens is you feel closer to  Spirit because you are interacting with the Spirit. I tell people all the time  my Angels are my best friends,  I include my Angels in everything. I always ask then to help me,  rather it’s getting a new client, if I want to go speak somewhere, if I want a new dress, if I want some new shoes etc. I ask my Angels to go before me to open the doors for me and allow me to find favor.  I go directly   to my source, the infinite source, the only source that can give me each and everything  I want in abundance as well as feed me with infinite wisdom to do the things that I need to do within my life.

5)  Last but not least  I give thanks. I give thanks for everything in my life, I give thanks for a good night’s rest, I give thanks for my bed, I give thanks for the day, I even give thanks in advance for the day that is before me. Giving thanks is knowing that things are going to unfold perfectly. I start to smile when giving thanks because I realize how truly amazing my life really is! I start to speak  things over my life like “today is going to be an amazing day”, “I find divine favor everywhere I go”, “I am so thankful for the doors that are opening for me” “I no longer except things that don’t serve my highest good” and so on. As I’m speaking those things over my life I begin to feel even better because I am connecting my thoughts to higher thoughts which means  I’m  on a higher frequency which is connecting me deeper to Spirit.

Those are the things  I do daily, I include God and my Angels in my life everyday and if you you would just ask you will be amazed at the way your life will transform. You will see with closeness to Spirit comes wisdom and clarity that you will not find anywhere else.


Remember all the answers that you need are within you because you are Divinely connected to the source of the Universe!

Alright guys let me know what you think about this post drop me a line.

Chat with you soon



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