Angel Number of the Week



It’s Friday and here is your Angel Number of the week #9. For those of you who are not familiar with Angel communication one of the ways they speak to you is in numbers, a lot of us know about the 444, 111, 11;11 but they use so many other numbers. Seeing the number 9 represents everything spiritual, spiritual laws, spiritual awakenings and enlightenment. If you are seeing the number 9 a lot the Angels are encouraging you to get on with it, to step into your path of service. The number 9 as a symbol from the Angels mean that your souls purpose is one of being of service to others.

I know when I first started to really except my journey as a new thought teacher and lightworker I saw the number 9 all the time. Tell me what numbers do you see? Are your Angels trying to communicate with you? Drop your answers below and I may talk about your number next week.

 Ciao For Now,