What is going on in Beverly Hills?

As many of you may know,  I recently traveled to California to speak and had a amazing time.  During my stay, I was invited by one of my clients to do a tour of Beverly Hills.  I was so excited because I had never been before so off we went.  Our first stop, the Beverly Hills Hotel.  As she began to give me the history of this famous spot, my thoughts immediately went to the tragic things that happen in this hotel.  As we walked down the hallways, I was a bit disturbed by the souls that were still residing there but were no longer in physical form.  She ask me what I was feeling because she knew I was feeling something odd by the look on my face. There was an energy of sadness within the walls of this hotel and I was ready to leave  It was beautiful on the eyes, I mean it was extremely Hollywood, but the energy was damaged and drained.
We then left the hotel and continue to visit other spots within the city.  The thing that stood out the most to me was how amazingly beautiful everything and everyone was there, but there was still an energy of unhappiness, frustrations, rushing and disconnection.
The reason I am telling you this is because in our lives,  when we look at things on a surface level and to the natural eye, it can seem great.  But when we look with the eyes of Spirit sometime we see a much different picture.  Life is to be enjoyed and filled with happiness.  If it is anything less than that, you need to examine why.  Are you competing, comparing or fighting too hard to be like everyone else, or are you honoring you?  Many people would love to live the “Beverly Hills” lifestyle, but at what cost?  The moral of the story is this.  Ask to see things through the eyes of Spirit to get the true picture.  You may be very surprise at what you see. 
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