Are You a Closet Believer?

Now days I see the spirit opening the doors saying” You are welcome, come on in” and more people saying”I am coming! I need help” but are you only a believer when it is convenient? What do I mean by that? Well what I am saying is that believing in the unseen is sometimes difficult, because we feel we have to justify it and that is not true. Your spiritual relationship with God( universe, spirit etc) is completely yours, no need to explain it to anyone, but don’t keep it to yourself. Stand firm and tall in spirit. This is a lifetime partnership that is full of benefits, tell someone what you know or feel about the wonderful things that spirit has been doing in your life, they may need it. Don’t keep you believing in the closet, remember that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things UNSEEN.

Trust God Today!

In Gratitude,