The Soul Mate

I have alot of clients that are looking for love, nobody wants to be alone. But before you are ready to accept love into your life you have to prepare for love to enter.This is what  I call the soul mate checklist.

Are you ready?

1) Forgiveness: Have you forgiven yourself for past relationship mistakes? Have your forgiven past lovers?

2) Space: Do you have space in your life and in your heart for another? Do you have space in your home is your closet male or female friendly?

3) Have you placed your order with the universe? God wants you to be happy if you know what you want then ask for it with no doubt that it is coming.

4) Are you what you are looking for: Are you willing to make someone as happy as you want to be? Are you willing to listen and be a best friend?

5) Are you happy being single? You have to be thankful and grateful with your life just as it is now in order to make another happy.

This is just a good starting point, you have to be prepared to accept and be open to the love youe deserve and desire. Start loving yourself  now so that when the right one comes into your life you are ready.