After being in an 18-year relationship, Fran learned some pretty valuable lessons.She learned that you have to honor who you are and honor your purpose.

This book contains loving messages that were delivered to Fran by her Angels as she was going through a period of self discovery and self worth.

These daily meditations remind you that true, deep, soul stirring love exist and that all you have to do is ALLOW.

This mini book is for anyone who has experienced the pain of being hurt. With the help of her Angels messages, Fran guides you with positive affirmations to help you reach a place of true self love, self worth, and the joy of an authentic relationship based love that you desire and deserve.

Everything you need to live the greatest life you could imagine is inside you. You were created to have, do and be great!

Here I have created the first 10 steps to help you live the life you desire.  The life dream of! You are magic, and here are the steps you need to begin creating a life greater than you could ever Imagine.

If you are new on the spiritual path or you just need a refresher this book is the staple that will help raise your vibration so that you are able to attract all that you desire.