I would love to hear from you!  

Greetings! If  you have a question about booking Fran  for events, Media Interviews or General Inquiries, connect with Asia Merino at  info@angelswithfran.org or call 816-974-8075.

If you would like to talk about Courses, Business Opportunities, Sales or Marketing, connect with Asia Merino at info@angelswithfran.org or call 816-974-8075 Monday through Friday

If you have a technical question about our website or class related e-materials, please contact Asia Merino at info@angelswithfran.org

PLEASE NOTE: Fran has a limited amount of private sessions her practice is expanding.  She is now helping people to connect with their higher consciousness through her mentoring and coaching group sessions as well as her online classes.  Fran wants you to be elevated and empowered , the best way to do that is to learn to tap into your God given intuition, and Divine guidance from the Universe.