Creating Good Intentions

Let’s chat about intentional living. There are some things that you can do to begin to live intentionally and create and manifest the things that you desire. You see we live in a very very magical universe where everything you need and desire is at your fingertips. But you have to change your mindset and you must live intentionally. It’s not about making goals, it’s about the intentions that you put into the universe. Your intentions service your seeds and your seeds going into the right soil will begin to manifest and grow into the living. This is the way that most people create their lives. They decide upon a thing and they set an intention for that thing and then they listen to guidance, their intuition, their divine guidance from the higher power, higher consciousness, or inter-being however you choose to identify your higher self. Once you make your intentions known, you will notice that things will begin to happen that will pave the way for you to create or to manifest that intention. People may show up, you may receive phone calls or opportunities that you would not have otherwise received if you had not set a proper intention. Today I’m going to teach you how to properly set an intention.

1) You have to know what you want you cannot be wishy-washy in your intention process. You must know what it is that you want!! If you are new at this, I suggest you choose one thing that you definitely want and make that you’re very first intention, then write it down. Remember to write it down. Write down what you want. Be specific, be open, be honest. If you want it write it down, be able to verbalize it on paper. The minute that you write your intention down, your brain begins to lock into that intention. It becomes part of your thought and when you write it down it becomes real. The key to writing your intention is you need to write it in the current form so when you read it, you read it in the current form. You write: I want, I allow, I accept, I expect, so that you are writing your story exactly as you want it to be.

2) You read your intention daily. You read it out loud. Preferably in a mirror where you can see your self so that you can see the energy that you are projecting. Now here’s the key. If you wake up one morning and you’re not in a very good mood, you need to wait until you are vibrating at a happier vibration or a higher level before you receive your intention out loud because when you’re reading your intention you are telling the universe this is what I want and I’m ready for it. If you are not a morning person, then you need to get up and find a way to vibrate higher. Listen to music, do some yoga, meditate for a while, or even start to give thanks. Giving thanks in the morning is a very good way to be appreciative for your life. It is a very very good way to raise your vibration. So you want to read your intention every day and in doing so it locks it into your subconscious. That this is what you want, this is what you expect, and this is what you allow.

3) Be grateful for where you are right now. Be grateful for everything that is in your life and be grateful for your intentions manifesting. Be grateful for your intention coming to you when you are grateful in advance. When you show appreciation in advance for what you’re asking for, it speeds up the universal process because per the law of gratitude the law of appreciation you are showing faith. You are showing believe that what you are asking for is going to occur in your physical existence.

Those are my three tips for intentional living. Start with those. Also, you can check out my other blogs on intentional living as well as my podcast. If you have any questions drop me a line. Let’s talk about it and let’s create some magic today.

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