Creating Intentional Abundance

Did you know that Friday was ruled by the planet Venus?  It carries the energy of love and money.  Friday is a great day to work on attracting and drawing abundance into your life and there are so many things that you can do on a Friday that will help to you with your prosperity for the upcoming week. You have to remember that wealth is a state of mind.  It starts in your consciousness first, but there are things that you can do in the physical realm to call infinite prosperity forth from the Spiritual realm and I’m going to share some of those things with you that I do to help call in abundance.
 First, you need to clear your mind and your space. I use our custom made sage and incense that I created for home/office clearings.  I go through my home and  pray and speak that the space is clear and open and ready for miracles.  Then I take some time to sit in silence with the desires that I have for my life and business around prosperity.  What is it that I  really want?  What do I truly desire? What are the things that I would love to see show up in my life?  I visualize them, speak them, and affirm them as if they already are. 
Then I get up and I go to my front door and I spray our custom made mo money spray from my front door to my kitchen to my prayer room to my office.  As I’m doing this I am holding the intention  of good things coming into my life.  Abundance — lavish abundance — from the infinite realms of the universe.  I don’t ask specifically for it to come from a person, place or thing because I feel that you are limiting the universe if you do.  You want to be open to what your Angels of abundance and the universe can bring to you.  Don’t be too specific about where the money will come from.  Just ask for what it is that you desire.  Our money sprays are made with essential oils and herbs that are created to carry a vibration of abundance. I never leave the house without it.  I use it all the time with my clients. I have people that are spiritual practitioners, non-practitioners, mom’s, dad’s, whomever use this money spray and have had amazing results.
After I do that I then come into my office and light one of our money candles.  We( My Auntie & Me) started creating these candles 10 years ago.  We used to only  sell them at the beginning of the year, but now since there is such a high demand, we sell them year round.  They are known to help you draw the magical results that you desire.  They are powerful! 
Next I give thanks.  I give thanks for all that I have. I give thanks for all that is coming. I give thanks to the infinite wisdom of the universe and I give thanks to the divine flow of abundance.  I start my day and I expect great things.
Let me know what you do to attract abundance.  Do you have a ritual that you follow?  Do you have a prayer or meditation that you use? I would love to hear from you. 
Ciao for now.

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