Dear Fran















Every week I answers a letter from on of my Beautiful clients/followers! This weeks is all about Manifesting and Creating.
This weeks questions comes from K. Arthur  

I just started following your YouTube last week and I’m hooked. I’ve been researching manifesting and your the only one who involves God which makes me feel more comfortable,  you talk about forgiveness which I feel like you stated is blocking my manifesting,   what are the steps of forgiveness because I sometimes say it out loud but later I’m thinking about what they did to me
Love you Fran
Welcome and Thank You so much! I am so glad you are here! Manifesting and Creating is really a wonderful thing! Because I believe in God I know you can do nothing without him! When I first was told by Spirit that teaching higher spiritual consciousness I was really struggling with the concept of how God fit into this and as I begin to seek God begin to open the doors of my understanding and the Angels begin to give me messages which I know teach! So I am so so glad this is helping you. I have done videos where I have talked about the forgiveness process but maybe I need to do one dedicated to just forgiveness. 
In the mean time I would love to invite you to check out some of my podcast, they may help you as well! 
With lots of Love, Peace and Blessings,

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