Oh No She’s Back

Oh My she is Back! Mercury in Retrograde. I have been wrapping up lots of loose ends this weekend starting projects because when she hits I want to be ready. One of the best ways to handle Mercury is to have your projects already started and going, it is NEVER a good ideal to start things in the midst of Mercury Retrograde. Now to those of you who are new to this lets talk for a minute about MS.. Mercury ( I call Mercury a Her because she rules communication and who are better communicators than women right? ) well Mercury is known as the messenger of Gods in Astrology and Mythology, but to us plan folks Mercury is a planet, this planet rues expression and communication, but not only that it represents coordination. This means your thought process and ideas  both conscious and unconscious. Mercury action is to take it apart and put it back together again. 

Mercury also rules Gemini and Virgo,  so when it goes retrograde it has a very “hard” effect on these signs if they are not grounded. I always suggest to my clients to make sure you are using our Energy Clearing Angel Sprays and oils during this time especially if you are these zodiac signs but it is good to using them ALL the time even if your not but really during the retrograde. Back to Mercury Retrograde this one starts July 26- August 19th, now you can go into this 1 of 2 ways prepared or unprepared! It is totally possible to survive this however everyone feels it one way or  another. Sometimes its in your relationships, business, your computers and cell phones act up you miss appointments etc.  This is not a good time to start anything new because chances are it won’t last unless you are clearing Mercury’s energy daily( This CANNOT be done with just sage)  Mercury is a heavy hitter!

Now if you have started things you cannot complete before Mercury Retrogrades this is fine, just know there maybe a few bumps but nothing major. Remember it rules all FORMS of communication.  I use my energy clearing sprays and oils before every meeting, negotiation, agreements etc. I carry it in my purse, I have it in my office, I even spray it in my car. Why because I want the energy of Mercury to be productive for me. The last time we were in a retrograde I use my sprays to correct the energy, stated my intentions  and entered in a business deal of a lifetime! 

Understanding the Retrograde

So a lot of people ask, is it really moving backwards?  No it’s not what Mercury is doing is sleeping/ resting therefore while it is in it’s “resting phase” the things that it rules goes unattended. 

So there you have it! Ms. Mercury is going to be retrograding July 26-August 19,2018. I always give it a week before and a week after just for safety sake. ( And I am a Libra whose mercury’s in Libra ) so I take NO chances

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