Elevated Intention Academy



Greetings! I am so glad you are here. I created these online courses to help you elevate in consciousness at your own pace. When you begin to open to your higher consciousness and connect to the power of Spirit within you, life starts to align and you  will experience supernatural miracles.  It is your birthright to be healthy, prosperous and live an harmonious life.  Spiritual self care is IMPORTANT. Taking care of your spirit keeps you in balance and prepared to live this physical life at a higher vibration level and create quicker.


My intentions with these online course are to create a place for you to be open and authentic all while diving into the realms of higher spiritual consciousness. Once we remember who where are and understand the power of the Divine within us we are unstoppable and these course are designed to re awakening that knowing. We all have the ability to create our outer world with our inner thoughts.


You must do “the work”, the work is important and it means investing in yourself mind, body and spirit. You will have to protect your time and energy. You have to be courageous and stand in your Power. You will have to open to  miracles and connection to the spiritual realms. You will have to be ready to succeed.


These class are for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you are just starting your spiritual journey or you have been doing the work for sometimes. There is something here for everyone. This is a very sacred place, you can be yourself here.  

There will be a different teachings each month including but not limited to healing, prosperity, energy work,  chakra balancing, intentions and manifestation. All classes are recorded and will be provided so that you may continue to do the work at your own pace.


Everything you learn in these classes will strengthen you to become more of who you are. Are you ready?