Enlightened Me Enough To Make This Difficult Decision

“There was a period in my life where I was looking for an answer to a situation I was faced with.  My question was whether or not to return to my husband whom I was separated from for a year.  I set up an appointment with Fran Leigh because I knew she could tap into the spirit guides around me that could help.  And was I ever right.  It was almost as if I was transformed to another dimension just being in the same room with her during this reading.  There was a feeling of calm, and an aura in the room that you simply cannot explain in words — because it was felt.

What she relayed to me was not the direct answer to my question, but rather information that enlightened me enough to make this difficult decision.  And the information I received was mind-blowing.  I have always been an intuitive individual myself but never had I ever delved into this realm of understanding and insight.  It was truly a spiritual encounter. I can’t wait for my next session with Fran.”

– J.B.~ Kansas City