Hire Fran For Your Event


Looking for a workshop facilitator, guest speaker, or consultant for your convention, meeting,  women’s group or retreat? Want to treat your wedding guests to an event that’s all about them, even though they’re coming to celebrate you?

Fran is available to facilitate workshops, coach small groups, and deliver keynote speeches that help people gain clarity, set powerful intentions, and connect to their own inner guidance systems in order to make better decisions, increase motivation, and inspire them to live happier, more productive lives.

Sessions take place on site and Fran travels to you. She’s worked at resorts, private retreats, weddings, and lodges and brings her unique blend of compassion, candor, and humor to each engagement. Choose from her most-requested topics: “The Fabulous Power of Intentions,” “How to Add Spirituality to Your Business and the Manifestation Process,” or “The Mindset Makeover,” or talk with her about developing something truly distinctive and tailored to your event and your guests. Fran is also available to do private charity sessions for you and your guest.


For more information or to book Fran for your next event, use the contact form below and we’ll be in touch soon.


Fran is amazing, professional and a great group facilitator. She is truly a treat. – Haley W.