Honor This Day

“Feel what a privilege it is to be alive today. Consider all the possibilities available to you, right now.

See the wonder and the beauty all around you. Let yourself truly love who you are and where you are in this moment.

Sense the eagerness within you to get started, to make things happen, and to create value. That eagerness comes from your genuine excitement about expressing yourself through your accomplishments.

Look at all the new ways that this day gives you to express who you are. Even the troubles, even the problems, and even the obstacles give meaning to life because they give you something to build upon.

Life’s many circumstances and situations give you a way to pull yourself up, and rise to a new level of being. Whatever comes your direction gives you a way to create value that will last beyond this day, value that will be with you always.

Honor this day, honor the possibilities in this day, honor the love and the beauty in this day. Look around at all you have, and in this moment make it, in your own way, into something truly great.”

– Ralph Marston