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Have you ever thought it would be nice if you had everything you needed? It would be so nice if you could just think about it and it would come or you could just close your eyes and asked for it and it would appear? Well I want to tell you that is possible.  You can live intentionally which will cause you to live limitlessly.  Let me explain.  Everything in the physical existence starts in the Spiritual existence first. If you can believe for what you are asking for, it will show up in your physical realm.  Now this takes practice and it’s deeper than having the “genie in the bottle” mentality.  It is a metaphysical, Spiritual practice of co-creating that needs to be practiced on a daily basis.


Daily you have to remind yourself that you are an unlimited being who has the power to create and call into existence the things that you desire. Sounds a little like woo woo right? Sounds a little bit far-fetched right? But everything that you now see in your physical existence you have called into your life — whether you have called it in by thinking it or speaking it.  At one point in your life everything that is now in your life you have called. Taking responsibility for your life is the first way to live limitlessly and understand, that you are attached to a power that is infinite in everything that you desire whether it be love, health,  or relationship.  No matter what it is, you have the ability to call those things into your life as you want them.  This is your God-given power.  Your God-given gift, and if you truly want to live limitlessly, I am going to give you three tips to do so.

Number one: You must make time to sit with your desires.  When I say sit with your desires, you need to carve out 5 to 10 minutes a day to sit in the silence undisturbed and just focus on what it is you truly want for your life. Now many of you may say I don’t have time to do that Fran, but if you really want it you make time.


Number two: Make a list.  Start with your top three things.  Get clearer and focus on those things. Begin to visualize those things.  Begin to see yourself doing those things as an act of faith.  Go and start the plan for some of those things.  If it’s a vacation, start the planning process of the vacation.  Who will you go with you? What will it look like where you go? What will you do? You get the picture right? Make a list and focus on your top three things — your heart’s desires, your wildest desires, but they have to be desires that you truly believe can come true because if you don’t believe that they can come true, you will lose the faith and you won’t focus on them so start small but start.


Number three: Appreciate your journey. Appreciate where you are right now.  We say appreciation, some may say love, some may say thanksgiving.  Whatever it is that resonates with your Spirit, be happy for where you are.  Be thankful for you are with the expectation that what you’re asking for and what you truly desire is on its way to you.  


Get prepared be overwhelmed with your life and know what you’re asking for is coming. Living limitlessly is a dynamic feeling of freedom that you must experience — that you want to experience because it’s at that time when you truly are vibrating higher and begin to understand that really there are no limits.  There are no limits to what you can do, be, and have. Once you begin to set your mind on things above and not things below.  


I would love to hear from you.  Let me know what you think about this blog and let me know what you think about living limitlessly!!

Ciao for now   

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