How to reset and prepare for 2018

With the end of the year approaching lots of people are trying to figure out what’s next.  2017 has kind of felt like we have been put in a snow globe and shaken up. But there’s also been some very very great things that have happened in 2017.  The world itself was in a one year which is a great year for prosperity, manifestation and creation. So many people experienced abundance on a level that they had never experienced it before.  Also lots of people started new things this year. There has also been a lot of trial and tribulation.  We have seen the world shift tremendously and we’ve seen some things energetically that just were not really good.  Unfortunately several people got caught up in that as well but now is the time to create change.  November is a wonderful time because it is a change of season, a change of attitude, and a change of mindset. I would love to help you guys get started with that process now and take it into the new year, so I am going to share four things that you can do to reset yourself and prepare for 2018.
 Number One: Clear out the clutter, take time and do inventory on your space.  Where you live, where you work.  Get rid of things that no longer work in your space.  If it’s looking like you want to start redecorating, or you feel like your space has stagnant energy, now is a great time to clean that clutter.  I have a friend that does Feng Shui, her name is Robyn Stevens.  She is dynamic at this and she knows her stuff.  I will leave her link below in this blog.  She works locally and online  consultations  are available. She can help you get your space together cleaning out all  things that no longer serve in your environment.  It is very very crucial for elevation of your spiritual life to get clear and specific about the things that you do want in your life. People, places and circumstances.  Be specific enough but open to the move of the almighty Universe. When we hang around people and things as we go places that are not in line with us energetically or on our same vibrational frequency, we are on pause until we figure that out. Let go of things that do not resonate with you at this moment knowing that universal intelligence will bring you exactly what you need when you make room for it.
Number Two: Get silent, be quiet, stop talking so much about everything to everybody.  Sometimes when you are wanting to elevate your life, you have to get quiet and get still and listen.  Believe me, God and your Angels have heard you — they’ve heard your prayers — they’ve heard your conversations — they’ve heard what you say to yourself.  Now it’s time for you to get quiet and listen listen for direction. If you don’t get quiet enough to listen to directions, you will miss what you are supposed to be doing and what your next action steps are.
Number Three: Find an accountability partner.  Find someone that you trust with your dreams a visions and have them hold you accountable.  Get a list together and do one thing  on your list for 30 days. I teach my coaching clients that you should pick one thing every 30 days.  You take  you focus on that thing for 30 days  then you move onto the next thing. If you don’t have somebody like that in your life that you feel strong enough to keep you accountable, hire someone and invest in yourself.
 Number Four:  Invest in yourself.  Take a class, take a course, align yourself with people that are where you want to be.  Hire a coach. The very first time that I was told that I had to travel, I had no idea where the money was going to come from. I have all these engagements and all these things that I needed to go to but I did not know how I was going to get there.  At that point, my business was not operating at the level it is operating now. But I took a leap of faith and I booked those sessions.  I RSVPed to those events and you know what?  The divine substance of the universe and the unlimited flow of money showed up when I trusted that it would.  So stop making excuses about why you can’t pay this person., Why this person charges too much, or I just don’t know if I have that money.  When you step out in faith, the money shows up. So I would like for you guys to really really take some time and try these things if you feel overwhelmed.  Try one thing at a time and prepare yourself for success and abundance in 2018. 
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