It’s Shedding Season


This has been a very interesting week for me, let me tell ya! When you start asking your Angels and the universe to do something you better be ready for it. Elevation is occurring on the planet and those who are aligned with their purpose, asking about their purpose or being lead to their purpose can feel it. It is a time for the “Spiritual Transformers” to take their place in the world and help lead those who are still “asleep.”

What you may notice happening, if you are operating in your gifts and purpose for your marvelous existence here on this planet, is that people, places, and things are being removed from your life at some what a rapid rate. You want to make sure your are spiritually protected daily.  This is happening because of the shifts in consciousness that are occurring in those whom are already awake.

You are being called to lead, step up, show up, and do your work. Remember, is a God thing, it is never about you, this is not a time for ego of any kind. This is a time to help the collective consciousness become one. What this means is the things that no longer serve your best and highest good will be eliminated from your life, and replaced with people, places, and things to help you excel. The key to this transformation is to allow and let go. By having resistance to the change will not stop it, only prolong it. So relax and allow. It’s shedding season!


With Loads of Love,


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