Jupiter is Retrograding..you may be asking, so what does that mean exactly? Well, Jupiter is the ruler of money and when Jupiter is at a stand still, mystics believe it can affect your cash flow. I decided to write this blog today because it’s Friday, a lot of my clients set money intentions and do their money work on Friday’s because it’s the day of Money ( Modern Mystic here). My clients were panicking because they started thinking  “how is this retrograde going to affect my money?”  When planets retrograde  they basically go to sleep and are not doing the job they should be doing, therefore it can cause drama in our lives.

 Since Jupiter rules money it could be affecting your business AND your bank account. You could see things happening like having to pay things that you didn’t think you needed to or had no clue that you needed to pay.  This retrograde could also be affecting how you are managing your money.  

Here are some things that you can do to make sure that you pretend it’s not affecting your cash flow.

Number One : You  can continuously affirm that you are a MONEY MAGNET and that money comes to you easily and effortlessly. 
NumberTwo : Give thanks for all the abundance  coming into your life. The more thankful you are the more you have to be thankful for! 
 Number Three :  Give more, tithe  more, plant good seeds! This is where people get hung up.  When you are giving, you are operating the law of circulation and  compensation. When you are giving the law says you have to receive, there is no way around it.
Number Four :  Use your money attracting  products!  All of my clients use our mo money spray,  candle,  they burn our money incense and carry a citrine crystal to stay in the vibration of attracting money. 
Number Five :  Make sure that you are feeding your mind with good wealth consciousness materials. Watch videos, read good books, and listen to good audio during this time make sure that you are keeping your energy up and not giving too much attention to the fact that something is supposed to be wrong.
We don’t want to focus on the bad, we want to focus on the good and the truth is we are inheritance of the Kingdom and that there is no stopping our abundant flow! 
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Peace and Blessings,