Love Course

Are you alone or lonely? Are you waiting for that special someone to come your way or are you in so much pain from a broken relationship?  Are you feeling tired seeking for love?

I know how you feel and I know exactly how to help you. Let me personally share to you the secrets of attracting love in 8 weeks.

Love is abundant and always available. The key to real love is loving yourself enough to understand what that means to you and expect nothing less. 

Free yourself from negative energies that keep on blocking the love you truly deserves. Hurt and pain are your enemies in finding true love.


Every person feel different kinds of pain in life that often leads to block what you really want in life. How to release pain in our hearts? Open your heart for forgiveness and you will find relief. Detach yourself from pain and you will find yourself restored. You have the power within you to remove the negative energies in order to find the love your heart longs for. You have to get your mindset right and believe that you have the power to attract what you truly desire.

Is this easy to achieve? It is very easy and I could help you find your path to love in 8 weeks. Let me provide you daily lessons, meditation, visualization, exercises, and instructions how to enact what you learned through an online course that I will personally conduct for you. Let me open your ears on what your angels are saying and open your heart to what you really deserve.

With this online course, you will receive:

  • Weekly Worksheets
  • Weekly Affirmations & Mantras to attract LOVE
  • A Guided Love Meditation
  • Forgiveness and Detachment Exercises
  • Weekly Videos
  • Other Personal Manifesting Secrets

Love is the loudest language. Self love is the purest expression of the Divine within you. Honor yourself, love yourself and allow that love to flow to others.

About Fran Leigh

Fran was born with the gift of discernment, she receives prophetic insight from her Angels. She has worked with thousands of people including some of Hollywoods Elite. Fran helps thousands of women a year find the love they dream of, she is truly the love guru.

She is the best selling author of 5 books, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, mom and radio show host of Ask Your Angels.

In 2014, Fran was voted one of 100 Top Spiritually Influential People. She has appeared on numerous national radio and talk shows. Her messages have been called 100% accurate by some.

Her life goal is to cross paths with those who are ready to take their lives to the next level with intentional living and for God to use her life. Fran uses her special spiritual connection to help people hear the things they are missing.