Love Mantra

Mantras are like medicine for the soul.

When we select a word or series of words to repeat in the form of a mantra, we are affirming it to ourselves and allowing its meaning to seep below the surface, into our subconscious, helping to shift our negative habits and patterns into positive ones.

In my own practice, I have often benefited from the power of mantra. By far, my favorite mantra memory is a powerful time when I was in meditation at Unity Temple and I begin to see the brightest gold light, I heard the voice of spirit telling me the path is clear and everything I need is within me and it all starts with Love.  I started using love mantra’s everyday after that and it has transformed my life, I begin to value myself, I met my soulmate and I started to realize my worth.

If you use mantras daily they are powerful tools and can help to change your life.  Yu can use the once I have included or use them as a guideline to create your own. You are worthy of Good, Good Love!