Angels Sprays

Your Angels Want To Help You!

These sprays are made with direction from the Angels. These are energy and vibration changing sprays & oils. Infused with prayer, intentions and Angelic directions, some have even said they are magical. They can be used to uplift, protect, attract, and bless.

Fran was guided to create sprays made with essential oils, home-ground herbs, and specific organics (accompanied, of course, with lots of prayer). All of the sprays and oils are handmade and bottled by Fran, and all lift, cleanse your aura, change and replace energies and bring balance and harmony into one’s space (home, office, etc.). Use this spray to raise the vibration and attract more love, prosperity, health. These sprays bring amazing blessings!
These sprays & oils are all natural made from home grown herbs from our family reservation. They are used to lift, cleanse and change the energy in all surroundings. 
All sprays come with a personal affirmation  There are oils that go with each spray. 

Product Testimonials

Fran, I just have to tell you, I have been using your sprays and oils for sometime and they are magical. I just closed 3 houses in two weeks. Thank you!
Nancy P.
Real Estate Agent
I have been using Fran's sprays in my home and business now for 2 years. Amazing things have happen, my business has increased, my money had increased and my home feels wonderful. If you have not tried these magical sprays your missing out!
Kristie Chong
They are awesome!
Taryn Kelly
Owner at Mind-Body-Balance

It is amazing how intentions completely and totally affect every part of your life by clearly stating your intentions to the Universe and powering those intentions. Major things will happen in your life.