Mercury is Retrograding



Today is the first day of Mercury Retrograde, during this time the planets are moving backwards and the energy is haywire. During this time there are somethings that you should not do during this time and here is a list of a few.

  1. Do not enter into any legal binding agreements
  2. Travel carefully or not at all
  3. Dot every I and cross every T, make sure that everything is correct on paperwork before submitting it
  4. Don’t purchase a home, get a mortgage, or take out a loan
  5. Don’t get Married or start a relationship
  6. Don’t end a relationship
  7. Don’t go on a first date, don’t start any dating service like Match until afterward
  8. Don’t start anything new unless you want to repeat it, because anything that you start during this time will not go as planned
  9. Be kind to all of your electronics if there is a glitch in your system, kindly close the problem and move on.

Sending you Love and Light,