My Favorite Ways to Manifest!

Many years ago when I was wanting to create things in my life, I had a vision. The vision was me making a list and applying affirmations, mantras, and even scriptures after everything I wrote down. 

I was like “is this really my answer? Writing things down?”  But to my surprise, it was more than writing it down, it was how I wrote it, where I wrote it, and what I did with it after I wrote it. I was at my breaking point, I needed answers and I needed help so I listened to the voice of Spirit and I followed directions.

Today my life has totally changed, much different from the woman who sat on the couch crying and asking “why, why, why?” Today I know what it means to be happy! I travel the world to teach and speak, I run a successful business and I am able to help those who in need. I know you’re asking “how Fran? How did you do it?”

The answer is I wrote it down!  Not only did I write it down I used the  law of command and supply to call in exactly what I wanted.

Every time I want to see increase in my life, I asked for it and I would write it down.  Journaling for abundance is a powerful way to call in what your desire! Listen to me now, there is no lack in the universe! The universe is VERY  generous and ready to provide for you!

 The only lack that we suffer is in our mindset! With a mindset shift and using the proper manifestation techniques you will see a change in your life like no other.

If you are experiencing anything less than abundance it’s time to shift your thinking and take action with manifestation methods that work!

When I journal, I write in current tense and I write it like a free flowing script. I write exactly what I desire in my life. This signals the brain that you are ready for this now, if you write in the future tense you will be thinking someday. not right now.

 Here’s an example: I am so thankful and grateful that I now have the perfect team for my business, their skills work wonderfully with mine and I am so excited. I know that everyone involved will increase and benefit from this union.

Don’t be afraid to ask God ( universe, Source, Higher Power ) for abundance. Using affirmations for abundance repeatedly and declare out loud will influence your subconscious mind and help with the process of manifesting your dreams and goals as well as bringing you financial wealth.


If you want to write a mantra to attract a certain amount of money, lets say $50,000.00 you would write it like this:

I am so thankful and grateful I have made, attracted, called in , $50,000.00 in

( whatever time period you decided) . This or something better. Thank you! 

Make sure that you are always grateful! 

Write the specifics of your goal. Say I AM with POWER! Make sure you leave room for God and your Angels to do this or something better! 

Here are a few of my favorite I AM abundance statements.  

  • I AM Successful
  • I AM  a money magnet
  • I AM very rich
  • I AM open to all the abundance of the universe
  • I AM connected to the infinite source of abundance
Y0u have the power to call in whatever you want, whenever you want. If you want to be wealthy, meditate on your wealth day and night, visualize your outcome.  Act as if, speak as if!

Remember how you feel on the inside and the thoughts you think will show up on the outside. Be happy, be positive and if it’s not something you want, don’t talk about it! Ask God for discernment and directions. Ask for an Angel of Abundance to help you create and manifest the wealth you desire. Include your Heavenly Staff in everything you do and you will not fail. Be honest and open with God about what you desire. 

Lastly, make sure you have a plan for your wealth. Don’t just wing it when the money you desire shows up.  Have a plan.

An example of this would be:

*Pay my tithes

*Clear some debt

*Save Some

* Take a nice vacation

When you write it down it becomes real and having a plan is very important.

Make sure y0u keep track of your blessings; I have a gift and tithe journal where I write down everything I receive and everything I give. I do this because if I’m having a rough day, I can look at it and remind myself of my blessings.

I would love to help you create and manifest your wealth. If you are truly ready to start living the life you desire and deserve, join  our tribe of women who are already seeing amazing miracles in their lives. Lets Chat

This is some of my favorite ways to manifest and attract wealth, what are some of yours? Drop me a comment below and let me know!