New Moon Abundance Checks

New Moon Abundance Checks are a simple way to increase your chances for an abundant life. Abundance is not necessarily the same as excess beyond one’s needs. Writing Abundance Checks is the practice of intention or manifesting positive events in your life. The act of writing the check is an indication to the universe that you are prepared to receive gifts from a variety of sources. The basic setup is to write a check to the universe with the intent that you be compensated for your existence and actions.

While there are a variety of ways to write the abundance checks, we have found that the following format seems to work great since it does not put any particular expectation upon the blessings that we will receive. In fact, we don’t even have to believe that anything will arrive as a result of the action. Special checks are not necessary for the Abundance Checks. Some people use plain paper and create their own checks. Others use checks from their own checking account. Ready to create? Lets Go!

A) Within 24 hours before or after the New Moon, prepare a check for the particular zodiac sign.

B) On the “Name” and “Pay to” lines, write your own name.

C) Leave the “Date” line blank.

D) For the “Dollar” amounts, write “Paid in Full.”

E) On the “Signature” line, write “The Law of Abundance.”

F) Put the check in a safe place and forget about it.

G) Note the Example below.
Date; None
Name: Your Name
Pay To : Your Name again
Dollars: Paid In Full
$: Paid In Full
Signature: The Law Of Abundance

Be willing to consider non-monetary rewards as gifts from the universe, and you will begin to see where abundance abounds in your life.


Mucho Love and Gratitude!