New Moon in Cancer 2018



The Cancer new moon is a time for deep emotional liberation and new beginnings. This is a period of transformation and renewal. Cancer brings themes of mothering, motherhood, nurturing, our emotional body, our needs and our inner child. We can heal on our deepest levels. Cancer new moon will facilitate and give extra support to intentions dealing with: how we process emotionally emotional wellness. Healing connections with our mothers and the Divine Feminine Healing and repairing our emotionally connection with ourselves. This is the new moon where you’d want to writedown ANY intentions regarding rearing children, conception, healing relationship with kids.

Here are some intentions that can improve your life regarding the themes Cancer moon brings:

I am emotionally whole I have a healthy, balanced, mutually fortifying and nurturing relationship with ______ (insert name or relationship).


I am one with my Divine Feminine energy. I embrace and make peace with all aspects of myself that opposes feminine energy.


My home life and environment is peaceful and in perfect alignment with all involved I have a loving, fortifying home life.



This is also a great new moon to write down intentions for moving, new homes and all things dealing with home life here are some intentions:


I find the perfect house/apt for myself that is within my price range. I can easily afford the home of my dreams. I purchase my home with ease


I have an effortless move which is pleasant and uncomplicated My home sells with ease at a profitable price.



This is also a great moon for any intentions regarding self-awareness, intuition and psychic ability here are some Intentions:


I strengthened my connection with my higher self so that I have pin point precision when using my intuition I listen to my intuition with ease


My intuition and psychic abilities are in perfect alignment with my highest good I embrace my psychic ability in a way which is safe & healthy




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