New Moon In Leo

Tonight is the night! The new moon in Leo wants you to open up your heart and take a leap for love. This is a great time to speak into the universe your desires for love. Whether you want new love or to rekindle a love relationship, this is the time. The Leo Moon is in great harmony with Venus,which is the ruler of love. Leo is a fire sign and they are all about adventure so why not create or invite in some really awesome newness in your love life. Here are a few things you should do during this new moon: Be passionate, Be creative, Take personal inventory, Stand in your own power and Be assertive.

Tonight is the time to state with authority the things you desire in your life, not just about love but anything else you would like to see manifest quickly. There are many new moon rituals you can do; one of my favorite is to just sit outside with my journal, and ask “what do I really want?” I get silent and I listen to my inner guidance and my deepest desires; then I take the papers out of my journal, say a prayer, and then burn them. Burning your intentions is symbolic to releasing them into the Universe. This is just one of many new moon rituals. Listen to your inner guidance and choose the one that feels good to you, just don’t forget tonight is full of magic, EMBRACE IT!