Intentionally Design Your Day


Design Your Day, The Power of Intentions

If you Design Your Day, every day – faithfully (and as you practice, it becomes easier and more fun) you will begin to notice your life evolving more smoothly, more happily and more dependably.

Come join Fran as she teaches you how to use the Power of Intentions to create the life you desire. In this class you will learn:
• How to use the Law of Attraction to pattern your life
• How to set intentions daily, for every different segment of your day
• How to get the results that you desire quickly and effortlessly
• How to change your thought with affirmations
• Identify what it is you really want and send very specific instructions about these dreams to the universe
• Use the power of intention when you engage with others in every aspect of your life
• Reprogram the negative messages you broadcast to the world — and rekindle your brain to send positive instruction
• And much, much More


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