Healing and Release Prayer Sessions

$62.62 / 6 months



Do you ever feel drained, tired and you don’t know why?

Do you feel like you have blocks in your life around health, abundance, prosperity or love?

Have you been praying for a break through but nothings seems to happen?

Are you grieving a lost or trauma you just have not been able to let go of?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?


You have come to the right place. There are no coincidences in this amazing universe and I have no doubt you have been lead here by Spirit because it’s time for your healing. Each Month we work on a different component of healing and removing blocks in you’re life.

There are reasons why relationships don’t work, bills aren’t paid, business is slow and your health is bad. They are called energetic blocks. When your Spirit is cloudy and your chakras are blocked you are not in a flow. 

For years I have studied with some of the best Spiritual teachers on the planet.  I have been doing distant healing and release circles for clients all over the world, as well as working on myself, family and friends. Through prayer and meditation I have been guided to create the most energetically vibration healing and release sessions available at this time.


“The first time Fran did a distant healing on me I didn’t feel a thing. The next morning I woke up and I had no pain, literally the pain in my body was GONE. She is a healer.”

Tracy H.


” I didn’t really think this would make a difference but I wanted to be open. I knew I had blocks around money and WOW! After the first session I felted an amazing sense of release, by the 3rd session money was coming from everywhere. Fran is the real deal”

Lisa  J.

Through prayer and spiritual consciousness I have been able to help people with miraculous release around health, business, money, grief, trauma, etc. Through the help of Spirit this technique has changed thousands of peoples lives and I want to offer it to you.

It is time for your BREAK THROUGH!

” After my second month in the healing circle, I received an email from Fran with instructions for me and only for me. I never told her what was wrong with me but she knew and she guided me through what I needed to do. Through the next week I followed her guidance and I received the amount of money I needed to help my mother. Fran is the real thing.” Marrisa J


I have been guided to offer this at a discounted rate for 6 months because it is need right now. Put yourself first so that you may help the ones you love. It is time for you to live!


This is your time don’t let it pass you by!

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**** All healing  and release transmissions start on the 15 th of each month*****



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