The Power of Intentions Masterclass Audio Series



Join Fran as she teaches you how to create your life with The Power of Intentions. Many people are wanting to manifest their lives but are not getting the results they want. Intentions manifest only when you are following the Universal Laws of Manifestation I want to help you with that. Through a 7-year study, I have learned how to change the course of my life and my business using intentions and manifestation and now I wants to help you do the same. Using the Universal Laws of Intentions can help you, create, heal, and change your life as well as improve you ability to use your intuition to pick up on the intentions of those around you.

Learning how to properly set intentions will help to change all relationships in your personal life and business.

In this 2-hour audio series you will learn how to:

*Discern greater insight into your life’s divine purpose and how it fits with your daily acts of intention.

*Gain expertise in preventing yourself from being weakened by negative intentions around you – and stop yourself from being negative.

• Identify what it is you really want and send very specific instructions about those dreams to the world.

• Use the Power of Intention when you engage with others in every aspect of your life.

• Harness the power of small groups — to supercharge your own intentions at home, at work, in your neighborhood and community.


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