She Is Gifted!

“I first met Fran when she arrived at my new home for a house blessing. She knew nothing about me expect my name, address, and how I heard about her gifts. And, boy, does she have a gift! Upon stepping in the forayer of my home she says, “Are you an artist?” The answer to this question is yes! Nothing in the space would have given her any idea since I had just moved in and didn’t have much on the walls. She continued to mention aspects of the home and the prior owner that were correct and, then, the angels told her to tell me about changes I needed to make in my life. The tears flowed, because, again, she spoke the truth and could not have known. To this day, I remember our conversation.

She continues to give the angels who speak to her a voice. For this, I am forever grateful to know Fran Leigh!!”

– In loving kindness, E.P. Stegman