Spiritual Products



Fran offers a variety of  spiritual products

including her famous Blessed Angel Sprays,

that are sold  in store around the world.  

All of the sprays are infused with love, intentions,

and prayer. Created with homegrown herbs and

essential oils, they are know to work MAGIC. 

All of the sprays and oils are handmade  by Fran. 

They  lift, cleanse, change, replace energies, and

bring balance and harmony into one’s space

(home, office, etc.).
All Sprays now come in 5 oz

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Fran, thank you so much for sharing your sprays with me. The scent I ordered is amazing and I believe it has been working for two reasons:  1) I know it was created in love and much kindness by you and, so, the areas I spray are misted with what you (and the angels) put into it; and 2) since receiving the spray, I have made a conscious effort to take time in my day to state my intentions and end with “all of this and more”, then let it go.  My soul has been lighten by this act which has allowed more to come in. Thank you!


         Erin Paige Designs

        I love Fran and I love her magical Angel Sprays. As Fran has taught us, anything can be achieved through the Power of our  Intentions (have you taken her intention class?? Amazing, but I digress.). There is something powerful when you set your intention with one of her sprays.
I also use them in my client’s homes. Once I explain the spray and their purpose they literally run through their homes spraying this magical elixir with joy and glee. These sprays are the best way to end my consultations. I always have Mo Love and Mo Money in my Feng Shui bag!

         -Robyn Stevens

You can find all of Fran’s products in her online store.

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