11:11 Powerful Day of Transformation

11:11 is a day of great power! This is a time to remove all things in your life that no longer serve your highest good, people, places and things. If you have been holding on to something that you know is no longer intone with your higher calling, or the next path on your journey let it go. With the New moon energies today, as well as it being a day of mastered number the …

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New Moon Abundance Checks

  New Moon Abundance Checks are a simple way to increase your chances for an abundant life. Abundance is not necessarily the same as excess beyond one’s needs. Writing Abundance Checks is the practice of intention or manifesting positive events in your life. The act of writing the check is an indication to the universe that you are prepared to receive gifts from a variety of sources. The basic setup is to write a check …

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Love is the Greatest Gift

      You have to understand that love is the loudest language that we speak, Loving yourself , loving others is an unconditional act of spirit. It is something that is not thought about it is just given because you are connected to the true spirit of God that flows there every part, every vessel, everything that you are. Love is the loudest language. #angelsspeak