Jump Start Your Business

Did you know that your thoughts affect your life, but they also affect your business. The way that you view your clients and employees directly impact if you will be successful or not. When I consult with business owners the first thing that I focus on is removing the negative energy and replacing the old thought patterns. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is with affirmations. My inner vision is always …

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New Year New Things

This is my favorite time of year. January is a great time to start fresh, symbolically with it being the first month of the year it holds the energy of new beginnings. You will notice a lot of people will start making goals and resolutions, some realistic and some very unrealistic. I learned a long time ago to stop setting goals but to set intentions.. If you set the proper intentions you will have AMAZING …

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Message of the Day

    ****Message of the Day**** Sometimes the path is not clear, there are storms, detours and even roadblocks. The one thing you must remember is that there is also a divine plan and divine timing. Obstacles don’t come to stay, they come to help your grow spiritually, know you never walk alone and your ALWAYS guided. Listen

Message Of The Day

          Everything must change, that is the natural progression of life. We are all changing daily growing, evolving, shedding and elevating. Be kind to yourself it’s a process, don’t compare your changes and growth to others. Walk your path and enjoy the journey. Everything is ok and your right were you should be.                                     …

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