Four Ways to Survive a Single Valentine’s Day

  This is the time of year when everyone who is single has a problem, usually women, who don’t have a man on Valentine’s Day really struggle with the “why me” syndrome.  Why am I not good enough?  Where is my soulmate? Why does everyone else have somebody?  I’m here to tell you that I have survived many single Valentine’s Days and it’s really not as bad as it may seem. Having a mate does …

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What is going on in Beverly Hills?

As many of you may know,  I recently traveled to California to speak and had a amazing time.  During my stay, I was invited by one of my clients to do a tour of Beverly Hills.  I was so excited because I had never been before so off we went.  Our first stop, the Beverly Hills Hotel.  As she began to give me the history of this famous spot, my thoughts immediately went to the …

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For the love of Prince

The #Angelsspeak on Prince: Prince was a moon child, a transformer, a soul sent to change the course of the planet. His soul roadmap included him being a spirit of great power and influence. He was chosen to stand before many and speak truths about love, spiritual connection and togetherness, although he and many others didn’t quite understand it themselves. Now when we say that he didn’t understand, as many of you know, you choose …

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