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Message of the Day

    ****Message of the Day**** Sometimes the path is not clear, there are storms, detours and even roadblocks. The one thing you must remember is that there is also a divine plan and divine timing. Obstacles don’t come to stay, they come to help your grow spiritually, know you never walk alone and your ALWAYS guided. Listen

Message Of The Day

          Everything must change, that is the natural progression of life. We are all changing daily growing, evolving, shedding and elevating. Be kind to yourself it’s a process, don’t compare your changes and growth to others. Walk your path and enjoy the journey. Everything is ok and your right were you should be.                                     …

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Dear Fran

                          Greetings!  Every week I answers a letter from on of my Beautiful clients/followers! This weeks is all about Manifesting and Creating. This weeks questions comes from K. Arthur   I just started following your YouTube last week and I’m hooked. I’ve been researching manifesting and your the only one who involves God which makes me feel more comfortable,  you talk about forgiveness …

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It’s Shedding Season

  This has been a very interesting week for me, let me tell ya! When you start asking your Angels and the universe to do something you better be ready for it. Elevation is occurring on the planet and those who are aligned with their purpose, asking about their purpose or being lead to their purpose can feel it. It is a time for the “Spiritual Transformers” to take their place in the world and help …

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