Message of Day

    ****Message of the day**** Every time a door closes another one opens. Learning to let go of things that no longer feel go or serve your higher purpose makes room for the universe to give you what you need. You can’t expect great things to come into an occupied negative space. Release, bless it and let it go!

New Year New Things

This is my favorite time of year. January is a great time to start fresh, symbolically with it being the first month of the year it holds the energy of new beginnings. You will notice a lot of people will start making goals and resolutions, some realistic and some very unrealistic. I learned a long time ago to stop setting goals but to set intentions.. If you set the proper intentions you will have AMAZING …

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Venus is done now here goes Mercury

Let’s talk about Mercury Retrograde! Now that Venus has done her deed by creating mishap in all things love and romance… here comes Mercury Retrograding in Pisces! As you know Mercury rules communications, however, with it being in Pisces its warning us to love with our eyes wide open. Pay attention to the communications in your relationships as well as your business partnerships. Mercury rules the transfer of information, and during this time it is …

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Message of the Day

    ****Message of the Day**** Sometimes the path is not clear, there are storms, detours and even roadblocks. The one thing you must remember is that there is also a divine plan and divine timing. Obstacles don’t come to stay, they come to help your grow spiritually, know you never walk alone and your ALWAYS guided. Listen