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Laws of Prosperity

Today as I was talking to my mastermind group about the Laws of Prosperity which causes the Divine flow of the universe. Do you know that most people don’t know that there are laws that govern prosperity? Most people think they should work hard and live on a little. I am here to tell you that is just NOT true. You were not created to struggle. You were not sent here to live in lack. …

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Things that you can learn from NeNe Leakes

You know I love pop culture just like everyone else and I often get emails that ask me if I do predictions on celebrities and the answer is NO! I don’t do any predictions, however I do look for the takeaway in the journey. Every week this month I am going to share with you the Spiritual Lessons that you can learn from 4 of my favorite celebrities.. Let’s start with my girl NeNe Leakes. …

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11:11 Powerful Day of Transformation

11:11 is a day of great power! This is a time to remove all things in your life that no longer serve your highest good, people, places and things. If you have been holding on to something that you know is no longer intone with your higher calling, or the next path on your journey let it go. With the New moon energies today, as well as it being a day of mastered number the …

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