Morning Message

    You are worthy of all the great things you desire. Once you release the fear and move forward life unfolds in amazing ways. You deserve it, you are worthy of it and you were created to live abundantly. Stop worrying about how it will show up and have faith that it is on the way.

Oh No She’s Back

Oh My she is Back! Mercury in Retrograde. I have been wrapping up lots of loose ends this weekend starting projects because when she hits I want to be ready. One of the best ways to handle Mercury is to have your projects already started and going, it is NEVER a good ideal to start things in the midst of Mercury Retrograde. Now to those of you who are new to this lets talk for …

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Laws of Manifestation

Release, Renew, Restore Many of us are looking to create your lives.  We want to manifest and we want to do it quickly. While there is nothing wrong with that, if you are trying to design your life without knowing the laws of manifestation, you are probably not seeing the results you would like.  We are  designed to want more.  A deeper connection with Spirit, more friends, more money, more status. But a lot of …

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Creating Intentional Abundance

Did you know that Friday was ruled by the planet Venus?  It carries the energy of love and money.  Friday is a great day to work on attracting and drawing abundance into your life and there are so many things that you can do on a Friday that will help to you with your prosperity for the upcoming week. You have to remember that wealth is a state of mind.  It starts in your consciousness first, …

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