The Magic of Savannah

For last 3 years, every year I go out of town on a sabbatical. I take 3-4 days away from everything and everyone to rest, reflex and renew. This year I was lead to beautiful Savannah, Ga. Now I have never been to the city  Savannah before so of course I wondered why my Angels would lead me there, but after spending time there I now understand.

I stayed in the historic downtown  district of Savannah at the B Historic a lovely boutique hotel. This hotel was wonderfully decorated and had a vibe of the 1960’s although it was remodel. I really didn’t know much history about this city but I was aware of the presence in this building of those who were no longer physical. I could feel the present of spirit from the time I walked in the door, it was extremely difficult for me to get through check in, it was as if I wanted to cry. Once I made it to my room I sat on the bed and begin to ball like a baby for no reason. I got my self together after a hour and journey out.  I went to a nearby coffee shop Savannah Coffee Roasters where I was greeted by a gentleman with the loveliest southern accent who ask me if I ever had the cannolis. I sat down and had my coffee and I begin to ask my Angels why did you bring me to this city, what is it I am suppose to do here?   I was lead to many different places in the downtown area that had amazing historical reference  every place I went  was given a message. When I visited the First African Methodist Baptist Church, home to the underground railroad and the first place Dr Martin Luther King gave his “I have a dream “speech  the messages I received were  about love and continuing to go forth in faith even when you feel you cant go any further. I was given messages of hope for the future, that no matter what was happening in your life at this moment this too shall past. Check out my Youtube video about this message.    

On my last day  I went walking one last time to soak up the scenery of this amazing city and I journeyed into a crystal shop, Cornerstone Minerals. As I walked in I was immediately in love, they have the most amazing crystal and there he stood. Diablo on  the messenger that would tell me exactly why I was there. As we started to talk I explained to him that I had no ideal why I was hear other than I needed to unplug and get away for awhile. I told him about the healing I felt has taken place since I’ve been there and how I was at peace. Then he begin to speak, he told me “Fran you came to heal and to be healed. Savannah has had so much trauma and people come here to release. You came here to please and with every release not only do you heal but the city is also healed. He explained to me more of the history of this city and how it is haunted wit memories of slavery, ghosted, civil rights movements, war and so on, yet it has survived and still is filled with the most amazing grace.

When I left Diablo, I felt relived, I feel spirit, I felted healed and ready to go back into the world and shed more light.

Thank you Savannah it was really my pleasure.

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Chow for now,