The Power to Attract

The power to attract whatever you desire is a power that we all have within.  You have heard that thoughts are things and words have power, but do you really realize how powerful your thoughts and words are?   Everything created has been spoken into creation. Your mind has the ability to radiate and vibrate energy into the universe and call into your life things as you desire them to be. The problem is is that most of us create by default.  We allow our minds to wonder.  We allow our thoughts to linger on things that are not important.  Therefore we create things  in our lives and we have no idea how they got there.  But once you understand that if you focus your thoughts for even five minutes a day you can create the things that you truly desire.
The best way to attract the things that you want is to simply know what you want and focus on them.  You can focus on them by simply repeating them over and over again.  For instance, “I want a new car, I want a new car”.  The more specific you are, the more effective it is.  Example: I want a new black SUV that is big enough for my family. Then you add more power to it by visualizing it, and feeling how you would feel once you got it. Your mind then goes into creation mode.  What happens is that your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between you having it and not having it but your subconscious mind does know the difference between feelings.  So if you are visualizing and acting as if you have it, it will soon show up in your life.
Attracting what you want in your life is a process and you do have to do the work, but it is not impossible.  People  have been creating their lives since the beginning of time.  You have to focus on what you want, but you can’t be so specific that you block the universe out so therefore you say “this or something better”.  Remember God moves according to your faith and your Angels move according to what you are vibrating and what you are feeling.  When those things come together manifestation appears. 
 Chow for Now,
I would love to hear some of the ways you manifest things in your life. Drop me a line lets chat.

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