Venus is done now here goes Mercury

Let’s talk about Mercury Retrograde! Now that Venus has done her deed by creating mishap in all things love and romance… here comes Mercury Retrograding in Pisces! As you know Mercury rules communications, however, with it being in Pisces its warning us to love with our eyes wide open. Pay attention to the communications in your relationships as well as your business partnerships.

Mercury rules the transfer of information, and during this time it is wise to password-protect all your data. Back it up! Back it up! I cannot express this enough because Mercury retrograde can disrupt ALL technology so be prepared (You can always back up everything to the cloud!) Mercury also rules contracts and any dealings around new contracts and agreements so don’t even think about starting anything new unless you want to redo everything you do during Mercury Retrograde. Mercury rules communication, travel and technology, don’t set cups with liquid anywhere near your your cell phones or computers.  The best way to get through this retrograde make sure you are cleansing your space, you want good juju doing this time as much as possible. I use are custom made sage and incense everyday! Also, with the havoc this causes, I always burn our Mercury RX candles  to help balance the energies in my surroundings and keep the peace in ALL areas. I also want to be able to conduct my business affairs as normal so I don’t leave anything to chance, I keep my candle burning! If you are in negotiations, you should either sign contracts now or wait to sign documents until this has passed.

What Mercury Retrograde is:

Mercury usually spins around the earth, but during a retrograde it is not actually going backwards it has just stopped, scientist actually say it is sleeping. Therefore, it is not doing its job at that time, which causes MAJOR chaos.

During this time don’t focus on anything new it is a time to Renew, Review, and Rekindle ie “RE”. You can also redecorate or rekindle a romance. Be careful because Mercury has been known to bring back old lovers usually for the purpose of closure so don’t go falling head over heels for the “BAD GUY.” I really wish I could explain how Mercury has such an odd effect on us but it’s something you can really put into words. Mystically, I can say it rules communication and when you add fiery Sagittarius to it, I know we are in for a ride. The best thing to do is to take a deep breath before communicating and think “Do I really want to say this?” “How is this going to come across?” “What after effect will this have?”  Asking these questions will be helpful in the long run.

This is also a great time to reflect and let go of unresolved issues. Practice forgiveness and practice it often. Mercury retrograde is a great time to handle unfinished things, those things that we start and never complete, which create clutter in our lives psychically and spiritually. This is your reminder to get it done, tie up loose ends and create clear intentions for the future so the minute it goes direct ( I actually wait a day) you can be prepared to start fresh.

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