Venus is RETROGRADING now what?



SOOOO. here we go Venus is retrograding. Now many think when the planets retrograde they are going backwards. That’s not true they are not going backwards they are sleeping, so they are not doing the job they should be doing. 
Venus is the ruler of love, love relationships and yes LIBRA’S. So there are a few things you shouldn’t do whether you 
believe in the planets retrograding  or not.
Venus is the planet of love , abundance and beauty. During its retrograde it is not a good time to change your appearance.
 Don’t cut your hair, have surgery none of that. Just hold off
Think before you speak… Try not to get upset when you feel people aren’t saying what you want or acting like you think they should in all relationships. Let me tell you it rules Libra’s but it will effect everyone. Be mindful of what you saying  because during this time things you may have said you were ok with ( but you really aren’t) may come to surface.  Emotional issues will come up and remember this is happening in the Gemini season and we know they are fiery and a bit different. (LOL) So  be careful how you speak to the ones you love.
 Dont make any quick decision  in your relationship and if your dating or single remember we are in different times now and Venus is not gonna help you progress quickly into an “Oh baby I love you thang” you maybe thankful for this pause later.
To work with Venus during the retrograde remember it is all about the love, self love, good love. This is a great time to work on your love rituals. Candles, incense, love baths and all things love should be use during this time. Burning Love Candles can help you honor Venus. The best way to deal with it is to breathe through it and honor it.
With Mucho Love,