What Are Your February Intentions?

Happy February!  Time  is really flying and it’s a good time to get serious about your goals and your aspirations for your life. You realize you have the power to create and manifest everything you desire with only your spoken word however do you know that putting the pen to the paper is equally as important? Have you taken the time to write down your February intentions?  What do you plan to manifest and create this month? I teach all my clients and mentees to break down their intentions and write them down every month. It’s a great way to stay on track and not feel overwhelmed by the process/outcome.
A lot of people get frustrated with the  manifestation and creation process because they feel overwhelmed and they put too much on their list. When you  put too much on the list you may find yourself feeling like nothing is happening because you’re focusing on too much.  Here’s  my top three tips for creating and manifesting your intentions for the month of February:
Number 1:
Set aside 30 minutes that you are undisturbed, take time to really focus on what you want to see happen in your life this month. What are the three top things you would like to accomplish and create.
Number 2:
 Ask your heavenly staff for help. Call in yourAngels, the Saints , the Ascendant Masters, your Ancestors and ask them to help you with creativity and to open your mind to the unlimited possibilities to create the things you desire. Ask them to assist you this month in your creation process.
Additionally, you can light a white candle  or a red candle to help raise the vibration and clear the energy of the space you’re in.  I would suggest  you light the candle for 15 minutes every day and give thanks to your heavenly staff for assistance.
Number 3:
Write it down, make it as specific as you want, but at the end of your intentions make sure that you write this or something better.  I believe when you leave room for God and the Universe to work on your behalf, you will receive things you had no idea were even possible for you to receive.  Be open to the move of the Universe in your life and know everything you desire is yours when you believe.
 You can view my intention statement for the month of December here.  I had very specific intentions for my business  and I met and exceeded EVERY goal. I can help you do the same. If you would love more information on my yearly mastermind or my mentorship program drop me a line @teamangelswithfran@gmail.com